I’ve been lucky to have worked with Eline (Hoogenboom) on a few projects. We worked together on a lot of Huis van Belle magazines, made a book and had some super events together among other things. I also know how awesome she is outside of work (and full of good advice)! This summer I had the honor of illustrating her new book: Hartsrust!

Hartsrust is a dutch biblical diary full inspiration to start your day calm, powerful and joyful. It has monthly themes and I made an illustration for every theme.

Eline involved me early on in the process and we kept close contact throughout. It was so much fun and inspirational to work together again.
My style in this book is quite simple and consists mainly of black and white line drawings of women with occasionally a watercolor detail. I previously used this style on project with Villavie, Sestra Mama and Lume.

Hartsrust is published in October 2020 by Kok Boekencentrum (VBK Uitgevers) and is a hardcover book. You can buy the book in (christian) bookstores, but also in the Villavie webshop and online bookstores.

Anne Sara

Hi! Ik ben Anne Sara en ik teken bijna altijd! Gelukkig is het mijn werk, dat komt goed uit. ;) Op deze website kun je een beeld krijgen van wat voor werk ik maak. Leuk dat je er bent! :)


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