Hi, I'm Anne Sara!

Childrensbook illustrator

I’m Anne Sara Schenk-Verloop, a freelance illustrator living near Rotterdam in the Netherlands. I’ve been drawing since I can remember, but have been professional freelance illustrating since 2013.

My illustrations and designs have appeared on a wide range of products and I would love to expand that. I enjoy making illustrations for books, magazines, stationery, (children) home decor, wall art, toys and apparel.

My work is available for licensing and I’m always looking forward to new projects. If you’re thinking of working with me, please don’t hesitate to say hello! (Via mail, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.)

When I’m not at my desk in my home studio, I love to spend time with my daughters and husband. I like to explore cities (and shop;)), watch movies, bake and can never stop doodling and drawing.

Anne Sara is a freelance illustrator specializing in children’s illustrations. Clients include Hallmark Cards Europe, Kok Boekencentrum | VBK Uitgevers and Huis van Belle.


Some Clients

Kok Boekencentrum | VBK Uitgevers
Sestra mama
Hallmark Cards Europe
Huis van Belle

Courses taken lately

All kinds of Lilla Rogers art classes (Make art that sells)
Create Christmas – Victoria Johnson
Illustration School Courses
Let’s make picture books membership
Mark Janssen’s Picturebook Masterclass

Fun Facts

I’ve a picturebookcollection of 500+ books.
My husband is a seaman, but I get seasick very quickly.
I know the dialogues of Pocahontas, It takes two, Legally Blonde, What a girl wants and Miss Congeniality by heart.
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    I've been drawing since I was a little kid (like a lot of kids do) and never stopped. I studied Communication & Multimedia Design for a couple of years, but graduated with a degree in marketing. I started illustrating for clients in 2013.

    • When did you start illustrating?
    • Wanneer ben je begonnen met illustreren?
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    I am! But not for personal commissions at this moment. If you are a publisher, magazine or company I would love to hear from you. You can contact me at hello@annesara.nl or my contact page and I'll get asap back to you.

    • Are you available for commissions and collaborations?
    • Ben je beschikbaar voor opdrachten?
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    All my drawings start with a pencil and paper (and my brain). Thereafter I enjoy working with colored pencils, paint and digital programs. I use a wacom tablet and sometimes an Ipad pro to work digitally. You can find more information about the materials and tools i use on my blog.

    • What materials/tools do you like to use?
    • Welke materialen gebruik je?
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    No, unless I made the illustration especially for you/your company. If you're a special case or would like to work together you can always ask me through my contact page.

    • Can I use your illustrations?
    • Mag ik je illustraties gebruiken?

I create illustrations for children(book) and would love to hear from you!